Thursday, September 11, 2008


Money saving secrets – there are the immediate things that come to mind. There are coupons, discounts, free stuff, volunteering, referrals, lower your interest rate and fix or improve your credit rating.

Coupons – one of the best places to find coupons is the internet, Sunday papers, and junk mail. Go to the library get a book and do it up right. Dot your eyes and cross your tees.

Volunteer- Is there something you can’t do without. Such as first run movies - volunteer there. You will get to see movies for free.

Referrals- Realtors love referrals. Many have plans where you send them a customer and you and that customer split that referral fee.

Interest rates – check and see how much you are paying in interest. Call and ask to have it lowered. If you are denied, there are many credit card companies that are offering no interest for balance transfers.

When I think about money saving secrets. I immediately turn that around to money making. I start with what are you making and how can we increase that. You need more money to start with. There are many was to add to the bottom line - jobs, investments, gifts are a few.

The next blog will be money making tips.
How to make money investing with no money.
Jobs – how to get a better job. How to make more money.